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Escape to Grimstone Manor

by Matt McMann

Author Visit Series

We are fortunate to add Matt McMann to our growing list of author visits here at Much Ado About Writing. As a guest, he will share not only insights into behind the scenes of his writing process and the inspiration for this story, but he was also kind enough to share an ARC (advanced reader's copy) for review.

If you have ever been curious about stepping off an amusement park ride mid-ride, make sure it isn’t a haunted one. Matt McMann’s debut novel, Escape from Grimstone Manor, is a fast paced, monster packed, friendship building adventure kids will love to read – if they dare. Three friends find themselves trapped in a maze of corridors filled with hidden doors and odd figures as they hope to find a way out. What they find instead are creepy glowing gems which bring mummies to life and little hope for getting out. The friends, Mateo, Zari, and Taylor must overcome their fears and their bickering, to battle magic using weapons found in a crypt. The details Matt draws in the reader’s imagination, from the ride’s interior setting to the lair underground, truly bring the story to life (no pun intended!) Kids will want to turn the page, reading well into the night so they can learn what lies beyond each chapter’s cliffhanger. Readers of spooky middle grade will enjoy this escape from reality. Thank you Penguin Random House for sending this book for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

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