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 Where Conference   Meets Community

Have you ever been to a conference or workshop and loved what you learned? Then went home and secretly wished you were still at the conference, networking with the friends and groups you met there? Or, perhaps while writing your manuscript, you thought how wonderful it’d be to get some feedback? Saying yes to any of these questions is why Much Ado About Writing came into existence. I'm Kate and I've longed to bring the information of my presentations and edits to a community who stays with each other long after the conference is over.


Kate here,


I'm excited to help you hone the skills necessary to take your pages

from meh to craft-tastic! 


As an editor, I often get asked, "How do you know when

your book is polished?" My answer: You learn the craft.

So, let’s get out your story, infuse some tender loving care, and answer to it:

              “For which of my bad parts didst thou first fall in love with me?”

                        ― William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing


Take a journey with us to craft your writing!





& Community 

Much Ado About Writing’s online community invites you to ask questions during live-calls, implement what you’ve learned from our craft sessions, offer feedback on members’ pages while receiving insight and edits on yours, participate in interviewing authors and experts, hone your skills, and discover the publishing business including marketing. We’re here to guide and engage you on your writing journey in any genre. 


Much Ado About Writing (MAAW) is rooted in our developmental editing backgrounds. We love helping writers polish their manuscripts so as to get them ready for querying or publishing. As editors, we look to help you focus on genre, structure, form, plot, character, dialogue, and reader expectations of your story. Our holistic approach offers you feedback via an editorial letter and in-page comments. 



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